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Zahed Sultan is a London-based multimedia artist and social entrepreneur of Kuwaiti / Indian heritage. His work seeks to further the idea of community through social impact programs and collaborative arts & culture projects.

Zahed first achieved recognition in 2011 when acclaimed international compilation Hotel Costes featured his track ‘I Want Her, But I Don’t Want Her’ from his debut album on their 12th edition. Zahed’s music has also been licensed for television and film and his influences are extensive which reflects in the diversity of the music he produces. He has explored Electronic, Alternative, Experimental, Rock, Reggae, Pop and more - all the while crafting a sound which is inherently his own. Zahed believes strongly in collaboration and has worked with a range of emerging and recognised artists from around the world.

Zahed is particularly well-known for his live audio-visual-dance performances. In 2015, his immersive A/V project ‘Resonance’ was conceived while in residence at The Barbican Centre for Doug Aitken’s ‘Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening’ and the Shubbak festival. In 2017, he performed on the opening night of the Red Bull Music Academy’s inaugural Weekender in Dubai with his ‘Hiwar’ project which reimagines heritage pearl-diving music from the Arabian Gulf through audio-visual-dance.

In 2018, Zahed completed his first documentary film Vibrations which he co-directed and executive produced. The film follows his journey in Kingston, Jamaica in the form of a cultural exchange with local youth through music.

Zahed is also the founder of four festivals - Kuwait Rising, re_use, AWAKEN, and Haramacy each of which are centered around community-building through various mediums such as arts, music, stories, and science.

Prior to his involvement with the arts, Zahed founded en.v in 2008, an organisation which fosters social development and civic engagement in the Middle East. Its programs create strategic networks among local civil society organisations, youth initiatives, the private sector and governmental actors.

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