REUSE was established by en.v in 2007 as a annual event to serve as an opportunity for NGOs, companies, young professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public.

After five successful editions, In 2016, REUSE was repositioned from an event to a multi-disciplinary program to further its goal of community engagement. Driven by emerging thoughts and ideas from around the world, the new program is constantly evolving to include interactive, inclusive and educational activities for participants and attendees alike.

The inaugural (new) edition of REUSE was held over a weekend in the Spring of 2016 in Kuwait City and featured a diverse group of 30 international artists and 30 local artists to collaborate and present their work to the general public. Thereafter, the first satellite edition of REUSE was held in the Spring of 2017 in Dubai and featured an eclectic group of 15 international artists. REUSE will be taking place in London for the first time in April 2019.

REUSE (Kuwait) 2016

REUSE (Dubai) 2017

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