Kuwait rising


Initiated in 2015, Kuwait Rising is a music festival produced by Zahed Sultan. The festival features emerging artists from the Arab world and beyond.

001 (2015): Omar Offendum (SY/US), Bei Ru (AM/US), Zeid Hamdan (LB), Maii Waleed (EG), Z The People (PS/US), El Jehaz (JD)
002 (2016): HVOB (AT), Perfectiming (IN), ETYEN (LB), Bosaina (EG)
003 (2016): El Rass (LB), Al Nather (PS), Sulk Station (IN), Muqata’a (PS), Nadah El Shazly (EG)
004 (2018): Joss Stone (UK), Sarathy Korwar (IN), Tamtam (SA), Hadi Zeidan (LB)


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